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WELCOME Introducing the only limo service in town that meets all of your Wilmington Limo Service needs.  From our vast fleet selection to our detailed packages for every occasion, we are 100% confident in our delivery in luxury transportation and limo rentals.

ABOUT US In your own imagination, what would the perfect luxury mode of transportation be in your mind? What is important to you?  Is it the fleet selection?  The service package?  The personable driver?  We are known for our customization of our packages to match our customer’s desires. We are your Limo Service Wilmington, DE!

OUR FLEET Is the exterior or interior most important to you regarding your limousine experience?  How about both?  With our first class fleet selection, we guarantee to beat your eye test from the inside out every single time.

CONTACT US Hesitation never led to any great experiences.  Don’t miss out on what could be the greatest cherry-on-top to your event due to indecision.

Just to give you a small taste of the limousine services that we offer…
WEDDINGS You start to see less and less couples drive away from their wedding with cans and strings attached to their Toyota.  We are in the new millennium.  Remember the best day of your relationship with the most memorable ride home of your life.

AIRPORT SERVICES Ditch the taxi.  You don’t know how that meter works.  Forget your friends. They heard you were coming back from your trip so they’re not gonna be excited to hear from you. Your best option and the most exciting option is walking out to a guy with a big smile and shiny hat holding a sign with your name on it.  Let us pick you up from your trip.

PROM/HOMECOMING You don’t need to borrow your dad’s Mercedes S Class convertible to impress your prom date.  Besides, what fun is a school dance alone?  Bring all of your best friends and their dates together with one magical ride to and from with our premiere limo services.

BACHELOR PARTIES Your best friend is probably scared beyond belief!  The only remedy for a scared bachelor before his wedding is to shower him in luxury.

BACHELORETTE PARTIES The permanent transition from single woman to permanently taken is one of the biggest decisions anyone can ever make. You owe it to your best friend to send them out with a bang and rejoice in this final occasion to celebrate life’s next big step.

GRADUATION Students don’t look forward to exams, multiple choice quizzes, daily lectures, or research papers.  They dream for the day they can try on their gown and that wonderful cap. Make this day special.

QUINCEANERA Our culture plays a large part in our childhood.  Let your daughter truly feel her transition from young girl to womanhood with one of the oldest traditions of her ancestors.

STORK’S RIDE HOME Do you remember the day you were brought home from the hospital? Of course not.  Do you know why?  Because it was boring for you.  Don’t make the same mistake with your newborn.  Give your child the most luxurious first car ride of his/her young life. There’s no service quite like a limo service.

EXECUTIVE/CORPORATE SERVICES You can’t impress clients with your leased BMW 300 series. You also can’t reward your employees with your wife’s SUV.  The answer should be obvious. Studies show that 65.2% of corporate deals last year were done inside of a limo.  This study, of course, is backed by absolutely nothing.

BIRTHDAY Every year we celebrate the day we came into the world.  But you can only pin the tail on the donkey and learn magic tricks so many times before the birthday parties start to all resemble each other.  This year, let your loved ones experience something first-class. Give them the limousine ride of their lives.

ANNIVERSARIES An annual reminder of the day you declared your love for one another is something that should be celebrated extraordinarily.  Make this year different by starting and ending your event in luxury.

DINING IN STYLE If you’re dining in style, it could mean a special occasion.  The word special is defined as “better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual.”  Let the excitement of this event build with an unusual trip to your destination, and recap with an unusual ride home.

CONCERTS Why should the concert only start when you arrive?  We have the stereo systems to initiate any concert at any time.

NIGHT ON THE TOWN You can only have so many ordinary trips to the bar before your best friends realize how stagnant and repetitive your social lives have become.  What better way to spice things up than reintroducing yourself to a tour of the town.

SPORTING EVENTS Philadelphia Sports are about 45 minutes away from the Wilmington, Delaware area.  Why would you want to drive your own car there when you and your friends can have your own pregame show in the back of one of our luxury limousines.  Who needs the pressure of driving when you have a limo service to take care of your needs.  After your team ends up victorious, you can enhance your celebration as you discuss the highlights on the ride home.

DANCES/PARTIES There ain’t no party like a Wilmington Rental Limo Party because a Wilmington Limo Rental party don’t stop.  You get the idea.

CASINO TOURS Between Delaware Park, The Chicken House and Harrah’s of Pennsylvania, and Atlantic City not far away, renting a limousine from Wilmington, Delaware will give you plenty of options to try your luck.

WINE TOURS There’s nothing quite like enjoying an evening with some friends or your significant other while trying out the finest wines in your area. Let us be your tour guide.

CHURCH TRIPS Celebrate your faith in style. Reward the loyal patrons of the church by allowing them to simultaneously practice their faith and enjoy a night of luxury.

SEASONAL EVENTS With each season brings occasions that have the opportunity to be more memorable than the year prior.  The only difference between a memorable occasion and a forgetful one is the utility of our limousines.  True story.

FUNERALS The loss of a loved one is painful enough without having to worry about the little details of an event that is meant to celebrate the life of an individual.

Let us worry about the little things so that you may are free to honor those who have passed on.

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