REMEMBERING YOUR FIRST RIDE  I can guarantee that no one remembers their ride home from the hospital the day they’re born. The usual answer is to admit that our brains aren’t developed enough at birth to retain memories.  At our company, we know the true answer.  Your ride home was simply too boring to be worth remembering.  Allow your newborn to remember his first ride.

LUXURIOUS INTRODUCTION Parents usually hope that their children are able to fit in with their peers and enjoy each other’s similarities.  While true, it is essential to encourage unique experiences for your children so that they may differentiate themselves when appropriate.  What is more unique than bragging to the rest of daycare that they rode home in a limousine the day they were born?  You didn’t see that coming did you? So, let your child brag and call us at Limo Service in Wilmington today!

CLEAR YOUR HEAD When you are introducing a new family member, a million things are running through your head.  Enjoy this rush. Let the stress of driving and road safety be handled by us.  We’ll get you home comfortably while allowing you to spend every new moment you are able to with the new love of your life.

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