TIMELESS No matter the age, a limousine birthday party will never go out of style.  Children find it mind-blowing, teenagers find it exhilarating, young adults find it relaxing, and the elders know it’s classy.  Our limos are truly timeless.

ONCE A YEAR Life is hectic.  There aren’t a lot of real opportunities to enjoy ourselves outside of holidays and weekends.  In some cases, even weekends mean homework or catching up on extra work. So, let your family enjoy the day in our special Birthday Limo Service in Wilmington! For one day out the year, in celebration of entering the world, let your loved ones truly enjoy themselves.

OUT THE NORM While bowling parties, laser tag, clowns, magicians, and bar hopping can be great traditional options, you can only pin the tail on the donkey or take a round of shots at the local bar so many times before it gets old.  Spice up your birthday this year.  Let’s walk away from normal.

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